A ture friend is someone who is always there to listen and help if times are tough.

Ture friendship are precious and rare.

On the contrary, a fair-weather friend disappears as soon as someone starts going through difficult times.

A ture friend would be the first one to offer help, but a fair-weather friend would not be symathetic or even concerned.

So we should know that who is the ture friend or just a fair-weather friend ?

When we meet someone and invite them into our circle of friends,we need to be careful. People who you can rely on, talk to, and trust will be there no matter the weather is like.

所謂後台朋友 我想每個人都有。

唉 罪惡感遲遲不消 怎麼辦呢?

她那疲累的聲音 在在敲在我心上

Maybe I was wrong that day.

哈哈 最近我在玩這個消動物遊戲 嘻嘻 破新高咧!好厲害唷我!